Industry Trend Analysis - What Our Clients Want To Know: MENA Economic And Autos Outlook - APR 2017

In February, BMI spent time with clients at meetings and events in Dubai. During the trip the topics covered included the global macroeconomic and autos outlook, key themes for the sector and the outlook for the industry in the MENA region. The most common questions asked are covered here.

Why is Morocco such an outperformer?

Morocco's autos market is benefitting from a strong economic outlook and its position as one of the most stable countries in North Africa. Added to this is the return to market of some popular brands such as Kia Motor over the last couple of years, plus the growth of the domestic autos manufacturing industry, which is increasing the inventory of domestically produced vehicles. Although many of these are for export, it still provides some output to be competitively priced in the local market.

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