Industry Trend Analysis - Technology And Autos: A Primer On Five Disruptive Trends - JAN 2018

BMI View: Disruptive technologies such as fintech, blockchain, artificial intelligence, drones and cyber security will all have a place in the autos sector, but with varying levels of impact. Artificial intelligence and cyber security are the highest impact as they relate to the connected and autonomous car technology that all major carmakers and tech firms are investing heavily in right now.

The nature of the autos industry is already changing from a purely mechanical industry to one which integrates and utilises technology on a wide scale, from the manufacturing and sales processes, to the driver's interaction with the vehicle, and moving inevitably towards technology driving the vehicles themselves. Here we analyse the impact of five technologies that have the potential to be disruptors in the autos sector and evaluate whether the impact on the industry will be low, medium or high.

Fintech - Medium Impact

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