Industry Trend Analysis - EVs To Gain Traction And Fulfil Potential - OCT 2017

BMI View: Proposed EV incentive legislation has the potential to turn Poland's EV market into a key growth story in 2018 if it is enacted. The purchasing and charging infrastructure incentives addressed in the draft legislation would begin to address the issue of why Poland's EV market is running well below its potential compared to other markets in the region .

The electric vehicle (EV) segment in Poland has the potential to become a bright spot in the Polish market in 2018 if the government enacts the draft EV incentives legislation it has so far suggested. In April 2017, the Polish Ministry of Energy proposed a revised draft law for electromobility and alternative fuels, which includes incentives for both EV purchases as well as investments into charging infrastructure.

Purchasing incentives suggested in the bill include: exemption from vehicle excise tax, the right to use EVs in bus lanes, exemption from some public parking fees and companies will be offered tax savings through generous EV depreciation rates. It also includes a proposed framework for encouraging and managing charging infrastructure investment as well as provisions for encouraging the development of the electric bus fleet. The government is aiming to have the bill finalised and implemented by January 1st 2018.

Poland Largest CEE Market For EVs...
Battery Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Sales, Units
*Passenger cars EVs only. Source: ACEA, EAFO, BMI

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