Industry Trend Analysis - Autos Production RRI: Five Noteworthy Markets - AUG 2017

In evaluating our Autos Production Risk/Reward Index (RRI) on a global scale, there are markets that stand out for surprising or noteworthy results rather than being the highest or lowest scorers. Here we highlight five such markets for Autos Production and the reasons they are particularly interesting.


Ranks in the top three Asia markets, ahead of several more developed peers. Its low score for a weak production growth forecast is balanced by a high output volume. It has a solid industry policy, which has been renewed and adapted over the years to meet the industry's needs and also has a good logistics network as it is a regional export base. It has a good Competitive Landscape score as the market share of production is spread out across a variety of brands and also has strong labour scores - both for availability of labour and labour costs.

Mixed Bag For Manufacturers
Autos Production RRI Scores For Reward And Risk
Autos Production RRI

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