Industry Trend Analysis - Autos Investment Round-Up: Latin America The New EV Hub? - NOV 2017

BMI View: Latin America has seen a sharp influx in EV-related investments this quarter, mainly from Chinese manufacturers planning to use EV technology as a new strategy for differentiating themselves from key competitors in the region.

In BMI's regular round-up of production investments, we track the latest projects from the production side of the industry and analyse trends that we see developing on a regional basis. In doing so, we hope to build a picture of any potential hubs that may be developing, as well as company strategy in terms of production bases and export programmes.

In Q217, our Investment Round-Up identified 25 new investment projects that were either announced or inaugurated by automakers and suppliers across the Latin America region. The value of 13 of these projects was also made public, representing USD1.42bn worth of invested funds spread across Mexico (USD757mn), Argentina (USD550mn), Ecuador (USD60mn), and Brazil (USD53.7mn). This total USD1.42bn of publically announced funding represents a 59.8% decline compared to projects announced in Q216, due mostly to Ford Motor's large Mexican investment announcement that quarter, which was later cancelled.

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