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Key stories from this month's issue...

Global Industry Overview - Five Key Autos Trends For 2016 - MAR 2016

Americas February 2016 / Global / Industry

The autos sector is in an unprecedented era, as it mixes the search for growth in its traditional core business with the need to evolve and embrace new technologies and even new models of mobility.


Industry Risk/Reward Index - Asia Autos RRI: Positive Moves Make For Crowded Index - MAR 2016

Asia February 2016 / Asia / Industry

In this latest update of our Risk/Reward Index for the Asian autos sector, some positive improvements in individual country scores have seen the most attractive 'low risk, high reward' segment becoming increasingly crowded.


Industry Trend Analysis - Labour Costs - A Hidden Danger To Global Autos Production - MAR 2016

Emerging Europe February 2016 / Global / Industry

The relative costs of labour against capital will rise in key vehicle manufacturing hubs in emerging markets over 2016. Booming production bases will see labour shortages increase as production levels test new record highs while stagnant production hubs will languish under labour overcapacity and rising industrial disputes.


Industry Risk/Reward Index - MENA Autos RRI: GCC Leads On Stability - MAR 2016

Middle East & Africa February 2016 / Middle East / Industry

With little movement in positions in this latest update of our Risk/Reward Index for the MENA autos sector, the states of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) remain the most attractive, mostly occupying the 'low risk, high reward' segment.


Industry Risk/Reward Index - Europe Autos RRI: Developed Market Stability Still Dominates - MAR 2016

Western Europe February 2016 / Europe / Industry

The stability of the developed states keeps the majority of them in the 'low risk' half of the matrix, although our positive view of the Central and Eastern Europe states from a growth perspective is reflected on the 'high reward' side.