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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Detroit Auto Show: Carmakers At A Crossroads - MAR 2018

Americas January 2018 / United States / Industry

Exhibits and announcements at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show reflect two major current trends for automakers: firstly, satisfying the current demand for big trucks and SUVs, and secondly, planning for an electric and autonomous future. The latter will weigh on carmakers financially until new technologies start to make money.


Industry Trend Analysis - Sazgar Looking To Capitalise On Booming Vehicle Demand - MAR 2018

Asia January 2018 / Pakistan / Industry

The increasing appeal of the Pakistani automotive market will continue to attract more automakers, such as Sazgar Engineering Works, as its consumer base expands and the demand for new vehicles provides a supportive environment for new market entrants over our 2018-2022 forecast period.


Industry Trend Analysis - Anti-Diesel Policy Pressuring Demand - MAR 2018

Emerging Europe January 2018 / United Kingdom / Industry

Consumer uncertainty and increasingly punitive policy against diesel vehicles will continue to place downside pressure on refined fuel demand in the United Kingdom. This view has begun to manifest itself, with weak new diesel vehcile sales over 2017, with macro-economic factors compounding the negative trend.


Industry Trend Analysis - Autos Investment Round-Up: South Africa Remains Preferred Investment Destination - MAR 2018

Middle East & Africa January 2018 / Africa / Industry

With two out of the four announced projects in our latest investment round-up taking place in South Africa, the country continues to retain its position as SSA's preferred autos manufacturing base for carmakers looking to tap both domestic and international markets


Industry Trend Analysis - Autos Investment Round-Up: Germany Steps Up As Investment Goes High-Tech - MAR 2018

Western Europe January 2018 / Europe / Industry

The majority of investment projects in Western Europe over the last quarter are aimed at value-added high-tech manufacturing. Germany stands out for several projects as the national industry faces up to the charges levelled against it in the general election that it has fallen behind in the innovation stakes.