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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Capacity Investments Won't Bear Fruit Anytime Soon - AUG 2015

Americas July 2015 / Argentina / Industry

Overcapacity will remain an issue in Argentina's auto sector over our five-year forecast period to 2019. Automakers who have ramped up investments in the country over the last eight months will eventually find future sales opportunities to absorb their additional output but these sales won't be realised until well past 2019.


Industry Trend Analysis - Reforms Support Bullish Downstream Outlook - AUG 2015

Asia July 2015 / India / Industry

We remain bullish towards India's downstream sector as sustained low oil prices and domestic price deregulation boost sector profitability, whilst strong auto sales growth drives strong domestic demand for refined fuels. The country's strong domestic consumer base provides a ready market, supporting further expansion of the country's refining capacity in the face of increased saturation of global products markets.


Industry Trend Analysis - Investment Rumours Adding Upside Risks To Car Output - AUG 2015

Emerging Europe July 2015 / Poland / Industry

We have become more bullish in our Polish passenger car production outlook after added investment from Poland's main domestic manufacturers. If media speculation about a supposed Fiat Chrysler Automobiles investment begins to play out it would also vindicate our view that FCA is seeking to increase the proportion of its global output supplied by Eastern European plants.


Industry Trend Analysis - Car-Sharing Offers A New Hope For Automakers - AUG 2015

Middle East & Africa July 2015 / Global / Industry

In Western Europe and North America, where car ownership rates will decline over the next five years, automakers will have to find growth opportunities in alternative marketing channels offered in the 'car-sharing' space.


Industry Trend Analysis - EU Car Sales Growth Hides Fundamental Weaknesses - AUG 2015

Western Europe July 2015 / Europe / Industry

The recovery in EU car sales is unsustainable. Current strong market performance is heavily reliant on discounting and self-registration strategies, which limit automakers' profitability and raise downside risks to future growth.