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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Brazil-Colombia Trade Agreement A Boon For Both - SEPT 2017

Americas July 2017 / Latin America / Industry

A new bilateral agreement on automotive trade between Brazil and Colombia will significantly improve vehicle trade between the two countries. The production impact will be strongest for Colombia and has prompted us to revise up our production forecasts. The export gains in volume terms for Brazil will have less impact on total production but will be important for producers diversifying exports away from Mercosur countries.


Industry Trend Analysis - Domestic Production To Enhance Subaru's Competitiveness - SEPT 2017

Asia July 2017 / Thailand / Industry

Fuji Heavy Industries plans to start producing Subaru cars in Thailand in 2019 will enhance its competitiveness by being closer to its customer base and more responsive to changing market conditions. That said, the customer loyalty and market dominance of Honda, Toyota and Mazda will pose challenges to Subaru's efforts at wrestling away significant market share for itself.


Industry Trend Analysis - PSA-Opel Deal: Q&A - SEPT 2017

Emerging Europe July 2017 / Global / Industry

Following the EU competition committee's approval of PSA Group's bid to acquire the Opel/Vauxhall division of General Motors Company (GM), we highlight here some of the questions we have been most frequently asked


Industry Trend Analysis - Autos Investment Round-Up: GCC States Expand Capabilities - SEPT 2017

Middle East & Africa July 2017 / Middle East / Industry

The GCC will continue to see more production investment as governments in the region look to diversify into manufacturing. North Africa continues to see the most investment activity, however, as Morocco's supply chain looks to keep pace with vehicle production.


Industry Trend Analysis - EU - Japan Free Trade Agreement: Political Dividends Precede Economic Windfalls - SEPT 2017

Western Europe July 2017 / Europe / Industry

The political dividends from the EU-Japan FTA Political Level Agreement signed on July 6th are the immediate benefits the two sides can reap. It enables Japan and the EU to head into the G20 meeting with a tangible commitment to free trade creating a counter-weight to the US' more polemic stance.