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Key stories from this month's issue...

Company News Alert - AT&T Speeds Ahead With Connected Cars - JAN 2015

Americas November 2014 / United States / Companies

AT&T has three key advantages that position it for dominance in the US' Connected Cars market. Net additions in Q314 were equivalent to 25% of new passenger car sales, boding well for its long-term success in this field.


Industry Trend Analysis - Implications Of Rising Fuel Economy Standards - JAN 2015

Asia November 2014 / Global / Industry

Tighter fuel economy standards set by regulators around the world will see automakers push to improve the mileage of their vehicle fleet. Consequently, car manufacturers will increasingly rely on turbo-charged engines, electric vehicles and lighter cars to comply with stricter fuel economy targets.


Industry Trend Analysis - Rising Prominence Of Subcompact SUVs - JAN 2015

Emerging Europe November 2014 / Global / Industry

Stricter fuel economy standards being implemented in key markets around the world will see automakers launching more subcompact SUVs in efforts to improve the fuel economy of their vehicle fleets, at the same time fueling demand for the segment. Meanwhile, turbocharger suppliers will benefit from an increase in application of the component in SUVs.


Industry Trend Analysis - Renault Works With Governments To Boost New Car Market - JAN 2015

Middle East & Africa November 2014 / Africa / Industry

BMI View: The new car market in Zambia will stay under 10,000 units during our forecast period to 2018. If carmakers such as Renault can encourage regulation of the second-hand market, however, there are plenty of positives such as a developing financing sector, to stimulate further growth.


Global Industry Overview - Global Autos Update: More Moderate Sales Growth in 2015 - JAN 2015

Western Europe November 2014 / Global / Industry

In our latest update of global passenger car sales growth, we are starting to look forward to 2015. With many markets, particularly in Europe, coming off a recovery period of growth in 2014, we expect more moderate gains in 2015 from the previous year's high base.