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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Faraday Future Will Rival Tesla - JUNE 2016

Americas May 2016 / United States / Industry

Faraday Future continues to mirror Tesla Motors and will become a major rival. In the US market, the strong performance of premium EV brands, supported by government incentives will boost Faraday Futures plan to build its manufacturing plant in Nevada.


Industry Trend Analysis - Strong Domestic Demand Supports Robust Growth Outlook - JUNE 2016

Asia May 2016 / Philippines / Industry

Weak inflationary pressures and the availability of cheap credit will drive robust domestic demand leading to another strong year in auto sales in 2016, with the latest sales figures for the first quarter of the year supporting our upbeat outlook.


Industry Trend Analysis - Positive Outlook For Telecoms Supports Ford Connectivity Strategy - JUNE 2016

Emerging Europe May 2016 / Europe / Industry

Positive growth forecasts for European 3G and 4G phone subscribers over the next five years for the will support Ford's plan to enhance vehicle connectivity capabilities across the region and compete with rivals Opel, BMW and Audi.


Industry Trend Analysis - Export Potential And Favourable Policy Attracting Production Investment - JUNE 2016

Middle East & Africa May 2016 / South Africa / Industry

The supportive Automotive Development Policy, supported by the export market and a depreciating currency, will continue to drive new investments into the domestic vehicle production industry. The announcement by Ford to increase its production capacity in South Africa will provide upside risk to our production outlook for South Africa.


Global Industry Overview - Global Autos Update: South Africa Adds To BRICS Pressure - JUNE 2016

Western Europe May 2016 / Global / Industry

Passenger car sales for February showed that while Brazil and Russia continue to provide the main drag on sales in the BRICS states, South Africa looks set to add to the downturn as we downgrade our forecast to show a further contraction in the market in 2016.